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I know exactly what you mean. There are a couple of fairly new nurses that I am currently working with that seem to have changed their perspective about me since learning about my deafness. I have been told I'm too shy, then in the next breath, I'm too aggressive. I have been told I had no business working in the OR because some people think Im a 'patient saftey issue" although I have been working there for several years with out any problems until the new hires say these things about me. It is so frustrating since they just dont understand how much I work at making sure communication is open, and how much i do to not put my patients at any type of risk. ARRRGGG, sometimes I wish they could be deaf for one day to understand.

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I still get some anxieties when new physicians or nurses begin to work in my unit. I think it is a little bit of ego though. I feel I have to prove my skills and professional capabilities to anyone new. That can make me feel cold and insensitive.

For new AD'ers; I lost my hearing with one semester left in nursing school. I felt devestated. I went from being near 'overconfident' to completely insecure. After a couple years, I finally got HA's and it made a good difference with my private and professional life. My insecurities with some people remain. I still get angry and spitefull when it comes to music and singing. I loved to sing, but now I will NOT do it around anybody. Also, I think I have extreme insecurities with starting a relationship with anybody. I want to go to grad school SO bad to be doctor in genetics. I make excuses every year for not applying, but I really know inside my reason.
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