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I guess you could consider me hard of hearing. I've noticed for the last several years that I am constantly asking people to repeat what they say. I noticed it really bad last year at one of my horse shows. I was watching the ring steward for change of gait calls. I could not hear it over the PA. Made it very difficult.
Some days it is better than others. I know it is slipping, and I deal with it. Sometimes I get angry because I don't get all of a conversation.. or my husband gets mad at me because I don't answer when the kids are trying to talk to me.

Though its hard to know where you fit in. I'm not d/Deaf. I have been taking ASL for both myself and my son. I enjoy every minute of it. Though when I try to make friends with HOH or Deaf I am shunned. (Not by all, but by most...)

Though I am not willing to give up. I am sure someone out there wants a friend! lol
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