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Originally Posted by tommys View Post
Hi everyone...

i wonder if anyone of you ever feel like....after being deaf ( Specially a previous hearing one ), you feel that your sense become more sensitive.... ? Because i do. For instance, i can't hear, but i know that someone's knocking the door, or the phone ringing. Or when you drive vehicle, you know that someone's going to pass you by. Moreover, sometime i can tell if someone's lying or not.

I don't know, maybe because i lost my hearing sense, than my other sense become more active maybe ? What do you think guys ?

O by the way, is any of you can share opinion about my previous post ? About deafs legal rules for driving vehicle ? Are we still allowed to drive and have license ? I really like to know about it.

Thanx all

I believe that, as humans, we were made to change with our circumstances. People like you and I have lost a sense we used to have, so we make up for it in other ways. A keener sense of awareness about our environment, an innate knowledge about when the energy in the room has changed from just one person to two people. It makes sense. Deaf people have been surviving and thriving for thousands of years because we were made with the ability to survive, even though we don't have all the equipment others have. I don't know, by the way, about driving...was wondering about that myself recently.
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