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Hi candy. Your experience is similar to mine. But you're still lucky because everything that happened to you was not so suddent. I was HOH since 8 years old, so i only hear with my left ear. Untill 3 years ago, one night, i had a great fever. My hearing turned down slowly, with many ringing and buzzing noises in mid ear, just like what happened to you. And i was totally deaf in the morning, untill now.
I don't enjoy it, but i can't regret it either. But not like the others who learn ASL so quickly, I prefer learn "MOUTH" first. That's because when i was still "half" normal, HOH, i learn people's talk trough "MOUTH" too. Even i used to watch TV on mute.
Yes, i like to learn ASL too, but in my country, it's not easy to find place/community that teachs ASL. If they are, they asked me to pay just to learn ASL, which the amount is not suitable for me. So, here i am. Joining this community, with hopes i can learn ASL better manually.

Bydway, i suggest u to try the accupunture method. It's very useful and no pain. It doesn't cost u much too. because accupunture relates to neuro system, things that broken on us. I've tried it, and it gave me progress.

So, that's my suggestion, and hopes we can make friend. Take care !

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