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Something important

Hi everyone....i'm tommy, a new "3 Years" sudden deafness. I'm indonesian. I've introduced my self at introduction topics. But, someone suggested me to join this thread for more personal experience sharing, i am.

Actually, i have something important to ask u guys. It will be nice if i can share it wih you :

1. Is there any legal rules for deafs like us to drive vehicle? I mean, are deafs like us still allowed to drive cars/motorcycle on the street and have driving license ?
2. How are we supposed to learn ASL if, let's say, nobody around us speak ASL either? To whom are we gonna use it then? I don't say it's useless, it's just, if there are no "NORMAL" person speak ASL, how do i still communicate to them then ?

That's all my first sharing trough. If i type wrong words or impressions, please forgive me.
Thanks and take care !
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