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Originally Posted by MomToDeafChild View Post
Doesn't sound like your daughter is being any more out of control than the typical 3 yr old! I think that person needs to chill out, and if your neighbor continues to call the police on you, I would start complaining to the manager or whoever is in charge of the complex that you are being harassed by your neighbor who is living there, but not on the lease. Let them be the mediator. I'd also start calling the police every time he was parked in the handicap spot too. I hate it when people do that!
If the person is parked in the handicapped spot, without plates or placard, and they do not have permission from the state to do so, that's evil. You can't always tell whether someone is handicapped or not just by looking at them, though.

The neighbor is calling the police because he is not receiving any assistance from the apartment manager in resolving this issue in a way that's fair to everyone involved. Every renter has rights, including this man. Nobody is happy in this situation.

I work nights. Some of my neighbors have played loud music in the middle of the day. I put up with it not because I didn't mind or I liked it, but because it felt like I had no other choice except to make changes on my end when my neighbors would not (or could not). That may or may not have been the case with the first neighbor the OP had. When some of those same neighbors extended the loud music playing into 2 AM in the morning and I happen to be home, then doors are knocked on, management is called (in worse case scenarios), or the police (if it's a party out of control).

If I were working from home, in my apartment, and it were important to have a 'quiet' space, would I be justified in having an attorney come in to rectify the situation? Would I lose my work-at-home, and thus wages?

Sometimes it's just about peace of mind, and peace within one's living space. All three residents, the OP, her daughter and the man, deserve it.

Would it be acceptable for management to move this man to another apartment within the complex when another has opened up?
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