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Confort Contego

Originally Posted by ann61 View Post
I have been looking at whether I can use the iCom and Comfort Contego with my Naida VUP's. Does anyone have experience or know about this. It would save a lot of money.

Also I'm having problems with voices. My own and others are too deep and nasally. My initial setting was good, but in the process of changing other things we lost the natural sounding voices. Audiologist is being great, but it would help if I could be more specific when I go in for adjustments.
I actually just heard about the Contego Friday 13 Dec. from an audi that I will be seeing on the 23rd. I had told her I was interested in the following with the Quotes I've gotten so far
Naida V UP - $3600 a pr
iCom - $300
Smart Link SF - $800
MXi Receiver - $800

She told me about the Contego and that she had some HAs that had the Smart Link that switched to the Contego and liked the Contego better. Plus the Contego comes with a Loop and the FM Transmitter for under $1,000 and the Contego will feed to standard T-coils.
Iíve tried the Naida setup and I like the Bluetooth compatibility of the iCom but would still need the FM for Meetings and lectures. Looking forward to seeing what she has to offer.
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