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Originally Posted by AOFrozenCity View Post
most single deaf men love last night stand, are isolated at house and depending on SSI, addicted to play games so much, preferring to masturbate for their own pleasure better than facing real women because of their low confidence and weak weak social skills.....there are many reasons.
AGREED! I have known some guy friends who are like that. Rather buy video games each week, spend endless hours glued to the screen, would only go out with guy friends to 24 hours dinner talking about how to defeat the boss in a video game or star trek, pee their pants if a woman just walk by and ask for the sugar, thinking they are all that when they are just being super geek, and all that.

I know at least 6 guys who are like that, limited social skills, etc

I have noticed from some posts, some people are redirecting the "blame" for the lack of a better term to females for the reason why men are single. Get over it. There are many other women who are single for the same reasons.
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